How does Mercedes-Benz See the Future of the Car?

June 29th, 2017 by

Mercedes-Benz CASE

Mercedes-Benz has always been known for looking toward the future and developing driving technology that takes the in-car experience to the next level. One of the ways Mercedes-Benz is preparing for the future of the automotive industry as we know it is by following a long-term strategy using the acronym CASE.

What is Mercedes-Benz CASE?

Connectivity: Mercedes-Benz aims to incorporate a variety of personalized services and technologies that connect drivers to their vehicles. This may include features like community-based parking.

Autonomous Driving: Beginning with features like Drive Pilot, Mercedes-Benz has been making strides to develop autonomous driving technology. Sensor fusion, which combines camera, ultrasound, and radar information, is currently in development.

Sharing: In partnership with Getaround, Mercedes-Benz is exploring ways to let private vehicle owners share their vehicle with renters. Owners will have the opportunity to rent out their cars and earn 60% commission.

Electric Drive: As one of the most advanced automakers in the industry, Mercedes-Benz plans to offer more than 10 electric vehicles in its lineup by the year 2022. It has invested $1 billion in battery production and recently broke ground on a second battery plan in Germany.

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