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2025 Mercedes CLA Spotted With Stars Inside Headlights

The 2025 CLA won’t be the first model to have stars inside its lights since the new E-Class has the logo as an integral component of the taillights. Leading the way for the brand’s updated and simplified compact lineup, the CLA will be an all-new vehicle by switching to the Mercedes Modular Architecture. The prototype at hand appears to have all the production body panels in place, suggesting the 2025 CLA won’t stray away too far from the recently unveiled namesake concept.  Details from the concept that appear to have made production include a Mercedes star logo pattern in the taillights, as well as a dash that consists of one wide panel integrating screens for the digital gauge cluster and infotainment hub, plus circular vents for the climate control.

Both ICE and EV versions of the CLA are planned, with the aforementioned MMA platform primarily developed for the purely electric model. The structure sounds promising by supporting 250-kW charging, dual motors, bidirectional charging, and a new infotainment system developed in-house. The Concept CLA promised 466 miles of range in the WLTP cycle, so here’s hoping the production car will match that or at least get close to that number. Mercedes presented the concept as a rear-wheel-drive car with a motor mounted at the rear but the platform can accommodate AWD courtesy of a front motor. There doesn’t appear to be any visible sign of exhaust tips. It’s likely the exhaust will vent from underneath the vehicle, which is the case for Mercedes’ current compact hybrids. However, unlike the current compact hybrids, which are plug-in hybrids, Mercedes’ redesigned compact hybrids are likely to come with conventional hybrid systems only, where the battery is charged purely by the gas engine and brake energy recovery.


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